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YARDart is a small family business with all our products personally designed and handcrafted by Sam Imhoff, qualified carpenter, licensed builder, building designer and artist @sam_imhoff_artist. As we officially launch YARDart, we thought we would introduce properly and share a little more from your local cubby, kennel and coop maker!

So Sam, how did the concept of YARDart begin? I wanted to create a business that would give me the opportunity to embrace both my construction and art backgrounds. A business where I can be fully creative, whilst delivering the high standard of craftsmanship I like to maintain stemming from my years of experience working on high end architectural homes. Also having worked on both commercial and backyard playgrounds over the years, I knew there was room for me to explore, particularly the concept of mobile products, which led me to YARDart. Our yards, front or back are areas that we spend a lot of time in even more so with the current world situation and I wanted to create products that were high quality and functional, whilst being unique, artistic features for your yard.

Why outdoor cubbies, kennels and coops? Being fortunate enough to grow up on a farm, I was lucky to have experienced an outdoor, free-range childhood, with my family’s dogs and chickens, amongst other animals. I wanted to create some more playful, iconic products that could be usefully mobile for a wide range of people and their outdoor spaces. For me, it was a natural decision to create quality products that spark lasting joy for families, bringing them together in the great outdoors. Plus you can’t beat seeing the excitement on the kids faces when their cubbies are complete and ready for action!

You have recently become a dad, congratulations! What will you be building for little Darcy in your own backyard? Haha, well his cubby will likely be more grand than our house! Theme-wise we will have to wait and see what the little guy is into as he grows. He could be wanting a tractor to be just like his Pa. He will have no choice but to love camping, so a classic caravan may be a win, or growing up here on the coast even a boat or lifeguard tower!

What inspires your designs? Classic icons are my initial influence as they spark a connection with me and wide range of people. This stems back to my teenage years when I used all of my savings to purchase a 1964 EH Holden that I still have and love today. The obvious icon that first came to mind whilst planning a mobile cubby was the caravan. One of our favourite weekend hobbies is camping, which we can’t wait to show Darcy. Despite our love for camping under the stars in our swag, we are keen to do some road trips with a caravan as Darcy grows.

What is next for YARDart? I am constantly thinking of new designs that could transform into cubbies, kennels and coops. On September 20 my wife and I will be bringing YARDart to The Village Markets at Burleigh State School to meet local families out in the community and have some products to check out. Come and say hi !

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