Backyard Cubby Play Everyday – Week 4

With the weather heating up, this week’s play theme is all about creating your own homemade lemonade stand, to keep everyone hydrated and cool!

The kids will love transforming their YARDart Cubby into their very own stall and all you will need is a few simple play props and ingredients to get you started.

First of course you will need to create your delicious lemonade. There are so many yummy recipes out there, but here is our family favourite from The Busy Baker:

  • 5 fresh lemons (juiced)
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 4 cups cold water (or sparkling water)
  • Ice and lemon wedges (for serving)
  • Jug and cups (for serving)

Next up, it is time for the kids to advertise their lemonade stall on their YARDart Cubbies built in chalkboards. Encourage them to choose a fair price and you can even use real coins to practise paying and giving change.

All of our YARDart Cubbies are mobile, so why not roll your lemonade stall into the front yard and invite the neighbours to come and have a taste? You could even make an event of it and organise your own neighbourhood street party!

Quick Tip

Learning to successfully pour liquids into cups takes practise and is a fantastic activity for developing children’s fine motor skills and brain-hand coordination. Why not let the kids practise pouring and serving their ‘lemonade’ using water to perfect their skills?

I hope I have given you a few handy tips and play ideas and promise to be back this time next week with a brand-new play theme for backyard cubby play. In the meantime, if you missed last week’s edition, check it out here: Week 3

P.S. We are excited to announce that we will be back at The Village Markets in Burleigh on Sunday 18th October. Come along for a play and say hey!

Anya Imhoff- Mum, teacher, ‘Mrs YARDart’ and Education Coordinator, Nature Play QLD.

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