Backyard Cubby Play Everyday Week 6

It is of course Book Week and so this week’s theme could only be all about having fun in the backyard with our favourite family books!

Book Week was one of my absolute favourites as a teacher. There is so much fun to be had, that goes far beyond the ‘What do they wear?’ drama.

Not only does this week encourage us all to spend extra time reading and sharing our favourite stories with family and friends, but we can also bring these stories to life through dress up, plus a few selected props and there is no place better for this than the great outdoors, where most children’s books are set!

The Cubby Library

Reading their favourite books doesn’t have to be confined to bedtimes. In fact, spontaneous enjoyment of books throughout the day has huge benefits for our kids.

Why not set up a Cubby Library this weekend inside your YARDart Cubby? You can encourage the kids to choose a selection of their favourite books to add to the shelves inside their cubby. Any budding librarians can even order their books into categories, e.g. fiction/non-fiction, alphabetical order, or even size.

They could advertise their Cubby Library book launches on the YARDart Cubby built in chalkboards and as they are mobile, why not wheel your Cubby Library into the front yard and invite the neighbours to join in the fun?

With the weather looking a little wet this weekend, why not add a few comfy cushions (and even a torch or 2 if in the evening) and curl up together inside your cosy cubby to enjoy your favourite family stories, whilst listening to the rain pitter patter on the roof – bliss!

I hope I have given you a few handy tips and play ideas and promise to be back this time next week with a brand-new play theme for backyard cubby play. In the meantime, if you missed last week’s blog, check it out here: Week 5

P.S. A huge thanks to all of you that came to say hey and play at The Village Markets on Sunday. Once again, we had a blast meeting so many friendly families and will be back next month for sure!

Anya Imhoff (nee Perkins) – Mum, teacher, ‘Mrs YARDart’ and Education Coordinator, Nature Play QLD.

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