Backyard Cubby Play Everyday – Week 9

This week we are setting sail and transforming your YARDart Cubby into a fishing boat!

Why not pack yourselves a fisherman’s lunchbox, grab a bucket and some ‘bait’ and jump aboard your cubby fishing boat for the day?

Catch of the Day

A day on the water isn’t complete without catching a fish for your tea!

There are a number of great play props that can be used as a fishing rod. You might have your own real family rod that you can use together (amazing practise for your next day out fishing).

If not however, you can’t go wrong with a humble stick, some string and some ‘fish’ made from pretty much anything. All you need is a little imagination and as always with fishing, lots of patience!

There are also lots of bonus learning opportunities to be had whilst role playing fishing in your backyard. If you live near the sea or a local creek, you could research some of the fish you might find and create your own cardboard versions of the different species to catch.

Grab yourselves a 30cm ruler and the kids can also learn all about responsible fishing, whilst practising their measuring skills. That way, all of the fish that are too small can be put back in the ocean.

I hope you have lots of fun this weekend setting sail in the backyard and promise to be back this time next week with a brand-new play theme for backyard cubby play. In the meantime, if you missed last week’s blog, check it out here: Week 8

Anya Imhoff (nee Perkins) – Mum, teacher, ‘Mrs YARDart’ and Education Coordinator, Nature Play QLD.

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