Backyard Cubby Play Everyday – Week 10

I hope you are hungry, as this week we are transforming your YARDart Cubby into a fancy backyard Fish and Chip van!

Gather up all of the fish you caught from Week 9’s Fishing Boat adventure and it is time to get frying.

Your Backyard Fish and Chip Van Reno

Setting up your Fish and Chip Van can be super easy! All you will need is:

  • A newspaper – to create your yummy hot chip cones
  • Some tape – to secure your hot chip cones
  • Leaves or sticks – to be your hot chips
  • A little mud and/or sand – for the salt and pepper seasoning
  • Model fish – these can be made from almost anything, but carboard cut outs work well
  • Plates and cutlery
  • If you are feeling super fancy, you could also gather some shells from a recent beach trip and add ‘Shelled Seafood’ to the menu!
  • Some chalk – to add your menu and prices to your YARDart Cubby’s built in chalk boards
  • Some coins – to pay and give change

Like with last week’s fishing boat theme, there are lots of bonus learning opportunities to be had whilst role playing a fish and chip van in your backyard. You could research some of the fish you might find and create your own cardboard versions of the different species to cook and sell.

Also, by pricing, selling, giving change and buying their yummy fish and chips, the kids will of course be practising their counting and mathematical money knowledge – Bonus!

I hope you have lots of fun this weekend in the backyard and promise to be back this time next week with a brand-new play theme for backyard cubby play. In the meantime, if you missed last week’s blog, check it out here: Week 9

P.S. We were extremely excited to see one of our YARDart Cubbies included in the kids’ gift guide, in this month’s Christmas issue of Inside Out Magazine. On sale now!

Anya Imhoff (nee Perkins) – Mum, teacher, ‘Mrs YARDart’ and Education Coordinator, Nature Play QLD.

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