Safety & Maintenance

Below are general ‘guidelines’ to ensure safe use of all YARDart products made by YARDart. Even if the guidelines are strictly adhered to, any loss or harm does not automatically constitute negligence on the part of YARDdart.

  1. Children need to be supervised at all times when using YARDart products.
  2. Children are defined as ages two to seven. Any minor under the age of two should not use the YARDart cubbies.
  3. All aspects of the product need to be explained to children by way of a demonstration by the adult prior to use.
  4. YARDart products are not designed to be climbed on top of at any stage. They will not withstand such weight. Any damage caused by this action will render the warranty void.
  5. Ensure the product is positioned in an open area so to avoid anyone climbing on the product.
  6. The products need to be thoroughly cleaned before and after use.
  7. If there are tyres fitted (which most do) please keep a regular check that sufficient air is in the tyres to ensure stability when being used and also if you want to move the product.
  8. The fully optioned chicken coop has a number of hinged items. Eg doors, annex, nest lid. To reduce the width of the coop when moving through a narrow opening the netted enclosure panels and annex can be folded flat at each of the hinge points. It is advised this be done with 2 people for safety. Video demonstration can be requested for assistance.
  9. Chicken coops are not to be lifted once they have been positioned.
  10. Each product has been given an undercoat and 2 topcoats of durable exterior paint, or 2 coats of premium natural timber oil. If you notice any areas starting to look a little worn, recoat where necessary and if unsure of the finish used get in touch and we will happily explain the product/s used.
  11. Each buyer must familiarise themselves with safe manual handling techniques prior to pick up.
  12. Obviously each item sold by YARDart has a varying weight, all products made by YARDart have a maximum weight of 100 kilograms.
  13. Should the buyer wish to take possession of the item from YARDart’s premises, they should be accompanied by three other able bodied persons over the age of 18 for the purposes of lifting the item.
  14. YARDart is not responsible for any injury or loss caused from lifting or manoeuvring the product upon possession.

YARDart is not liable for any injury sustained due to misuse or accidents following the pickup/delivery of our products. Risk in the Goods shall pass to the Buyer at the moment the Goods are dispatched from the Seller`s premises. Where the Buyer chooses to collect the Goods itself, risk will pass when the Goods are entrusted to it or set aside for its collection, whichever happens first.

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