Our YARDart chicken coops and dog kennels are like no other, each locally handcrafted and custom-made, unique for you and your pets. They come 100% completed** – no flat packs or painting involved – whilst being lightweight and easily transportable or moveable from space to space, pending the season.

All YARDart pet homes have been designed and professionally handcrafted to be timeless, investment pieces, using high quality outdoor materials built to last for years to come. Our cladding and flooring is made from premium grade exterior plywood, which as the name suggests can be used outdoors in areas exposed to moisture. All fixings are either marine quality stainless steel or galvanised to ensure they will withstand all of the elements. This extra mile from our end, means long term happiness and comfort for your beloved pets!

Our signature chicken coops and dog kennels are designed to be mobile, stand alone products. If you are interested in a bespoke, fixed structure, or upgrading your yard to include complimenting decking and outdoor living spaces, as an experienced carpenter and licensed builder, Sam would be happy to discuss design options with you, so please do get in contact and let us make this a reality.

*Due to safe transportation, if you choose to pick up a ‘Close to Home’ Caravan Chicken Coop model, as opposed to having it delivered and setup by us, you will need to re-screw pre-fitted hinges to reattach your enclosure to the main caravan. A video demonstration can be provided.

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